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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 29, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with janice dean. rob: we begin in richmond, texas with mandatory evacuations now in place. >> this area under mandatory evacuation and back there another 50 feet a foot or two of water, flooded up really fast, the entire area of houston, water everywhere we go and getting to the point when we leave the hotel will we get where we are going or not get there because of water coming up? we are seeing everything escalate as rain continues to dump on this, rain stopping tomorrow in the forecast. tricky part of this is just beginning. >> we are beginning the process of responding to this storm.
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the search and rescue process, one of the largest disasters america has ever faced and to see the swift response from the federal government is pretty much unparalleled. >> reporter: it certainly is. we have seen 3000 rescues in the houston area since the storm came in and over 1000 of them in a eight our span just yesterday and this video from everywhere is like a maritime disaster, like we are at sea, using helicopters, entire streets covered with water looking like rivers and boats doing rescue operations was we were on an airboat yesterday doing rescue operations with guys from all the different places where the storm came in and listen to him as he talked about why they are here from the epicenter where the storm is? >> it is about rebuilding right now, it is about saving lives.
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get these people out of these houses for the next couple days anyway. >> reporter: incredible story to see them do that, 14 people at this point killed by the storm including a family of 6 that was washed away in a minivan driving through floodwaters. if we need to get out we need to wait for help, don't drive through these waters. back to you. >> putting these into interesting perspective. now more water rushing into an already saturated houston, the corps of engineers forced to release two dams to prevent an preventable flooding affecting thousands of homes. >> the latest on flooding and possible relief. >> reporter: good morning.
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this story in houston, the magnitude of the storm, the fact that it is still raining. people who have hunkered down are absolutely at their wits end because we are standing, the road closed behind me, away from attics and reservoirs as they worry about the overspill. to get some perspective on what that means the reservoirs are 20,000 acre-feet, it will spillover. and the reservoir, for folks around this area worried about getting out, if you look at this let me show you this is the neighborhood behind it. you are not going anywhere. if you hunker down you cannot get in your car and leave at
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this moment. the mayor saying this is necessary, won't play the soundbite, cannot leave the story now, helicopters over me, the search and rescue continues, at this point major disasters in our nation we are in the recovery phase, can't even begin to measure the magnitude because the neighborhood in the vicinity of dams, and that is the situation here. >> can't even begin to think about recovery at this point. talking about that neighborhood, people start to be evacuated, they have gone back to get their pets who they left behind, they didn't expect this to happen. really awful situation.
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today marks the 12th anniversary of hurricane katrina and it comes as new orleans is expecting the worst of harvey. >> the mayor now closing schools and telling all people to stay home due to risk of flash flooding. >> the next couple days new orleans should expect very heavy rain and thunderstorms with potential for localized flooding. as a matter of fact we are now under a flash flood watch, being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. >> officials expect 5 to 10 inches of rain to fall on new orleans in coming days. rob: time to look at what is in store for folks around the texas louisiana area, it is not over yet. >> know and we are seeing record-setting rainfall, 40 inches. we get a measurement of 50
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inches from a tropical system from harvey, that will be the biggest rainfall events we have ever seen in us history in terms of a tropical storm at landfall. the rain keeps coming for houston, you can still see heavy bands moving eastward, we are still in this heavy rain period east of the houston area, yellow and red onscreen giving the heaviest rainfall so just east of the city we are getting potential for more rain. as we get into wednesday and thursday things will start to look better for the houston area but as we mentioned moving into louisiana we are dealing with this storm system thursday and friday. looking at the track into the weekend finally we get a cold front and a trough picking it up and moving it northeastward, but after the historic rain and flooding we will be glad to see
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the storm system leave. heather: the devastation will remain for a while. donald trump is headed as we said to texas today, to corpus christi, he will not actually go into houston because a lot of work is still to be done. >> here is what the president had to say about his visit in a few hours. >> to the people of texas and louisiana, we are 100% with you. we are praying for you, working closely with your leaders and officials and i will be visiting the impact zone to which you are receiving full support and cooperation from the federal government and we will get through this recovery will be a long and difficult road and the federal government stands ready, willing and able to support that effort. we are one american family we heard together, struggle together, we endure together. >> it will be interesting to see the response to the president,
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his first natural disaster he has faced in office and switching to the biblical point, you heard from a number of lawmakers in a metropolitan area, the country comes together a little more than it did after sandy when funding for sandy recovery was delayed until 90 days. >> the governor of texas and mayor of houston had stellar things to say about how the government has responded to this. hopefully that will continue. as donald trump heads to the disaster zone his predecessors are appointing their support, george hw bush said he and his wife barbara are, quote, praying for all of our fellow texans and bush 43 says the devastation breaks our heart but we are confident strong communities will recover and thrive, both presidents donating to help with the recovery effort. heather: the impact of harvey,
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the empire state building going dark to honor those impacted, 200 emergency personnel from new york state headed to texas to help, new yorkers know stranger to devastating effects of the major storm. this october marks five years since super storm sandy. >> other news headlines you need to know about, south korea testing bombs effectively firing back after north korea's latest missile launch. >> the erratic nation blasting a rocket over japan forcing people to take immediate shelter. how the us and its allies are entering this unprecedented threat. >> reporter: this wasn't just any missile launch by north korea, dismissal flew directly over japan, first time that has happened since 2009 and a major escalation of tension in the region. imagine how frightening this was to the people who live in this northern part of japan.
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air raid sirens went off and look at the alert sent to be cell phones, sent to us by a christian missionary reads missile launch, missile launch, a missile has been fired from north korea, evacuate to a rugged or sturdy building or underground. the japanese military did not attempt to shoot it down. it landed in the pacific ocean but japan's prime minister is calling it an unprecedented show of force. >> this missile which flew over japan poses an unprecedented, serious and great threat and greatly damages regional peace and stability. heather: south korea dropped eight bombs in a test close to at the border with the north, the white house is not responded publicly but the japanese prime minister's offices a and donald trump spoke on the phone for 40 minutes last night and don't forget a few weeks ago the president promised to unleash fire and fury on north korea if
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pyongyang continued with these provocations and the trajectory of the latest missile is going to be especially troubling to this white house because the path it took over northern japan is the exact path it would take to strike guam. back to you guys. heather: a deadly explosion near the us embassy rocking afghanistan overnight. a car bomb went off at a bank 500 yards from the compound in kabul, nine dead, nine others injured and no word if any americans are injured. officials believe the bank was targeted but no group has claimed responsibility so far. rob: homeland security setting efforts on the extreme vetting just announced that it would require illegal immigrants to undergo in person interviews before granting permanent status in the us starting in october the agency will no longer waive interviews for visa holders,
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asylum-seekers or refugees looking for permanent residency. immigration officials say it will speed for terrorists and other national security risks. heather: donald from doubling down on the promise to make mexico pay for the border wall. the president says it will stop a scourge of narcotics and will be good for both countries. >> the wall will stop much of the drugs from pouring into this country and poisoning our youth. we need the wall, it is imperative, we may fund it through the united states but ultimately mexico will pay for the wall. heather: mexico's government responding after those remarks saying they will not pay under any circumstances. rob: hurricane harvey dumping a ridiculous amount of rain on texas, bringing with unwanted guests. >> not far from -- into the
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backyard. heather: a startling site and one woman's backyard. heather: u.s. navy working round-the-clock to save harvey victims. a former seal says moments like these bring us together as americans. rob: remember when kathy griffin apologized for her assassination stunned? >> the whole outrage got so blown out of proportion and i lost everybody, i had chelsea clinton tweeting against me. rob: apparently she didn't really mean it. ♪ practice what you preach ♪ ♪ my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected.
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heather: rob: the u.s. navy working through the night to rescue thousands of people stranded by rising floodwaters in texas. >> 5 helicopters helping out as they send ships into assist.
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joining us to talk about rescue operations, a team of external affairs, thank you for joining us this morning. a short time ago when we were watching griff jenkins on the scene we could hear the helicopters going overhead as rescue operations continue and all the help they could get they need. >> the department of defense has stepped up their game, dozens of aircraft, the big with the ships, enormous resources can be accessed, we can't get the resources because there is so much flooding. the recovery efforts have already started. we can't even get in. the ships getting into the ports are distributing water, formula for babies, generators, fuel,
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that is important. rob: talk about how the equipment will be deployed, multi-use capacity, helicopters can be used for a number of things in an emergency like this. >> reporter: we are finding people in their homes, the issue is right now the primary mission is to get people out of danger zones into shelters, that is the most important thing, tens of thousands of people who have been evacuated and are being evacuated and the basic resources like water, fuel for the generators, blankets and things like that. we haven't gotten in to start the recovery cleanup yet. >> we have seen example after example of neighbor helping neighbor, fema talking about the importance, they need resident volunteers to help out, bring their votes, other organizations can't get in, volunteer
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organizations -- >> texas is one of the most self-sustaining states aid the efforts. we have citizens, 300 move just outside the disaster waiting for local authorities to say it is safe for us to help, helping in shelters, 700 on standby nationwide. the big with people even schools about this, kids 18 to 25, in high school or college don't know what they are going to do next. americorps offers amazing opportunities for these people to take a year off from whatever school they were going to do, get some college credits or college grants and help out with recovery efforts and go back to
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your life. >> the website is national it is on the bottom of the screen. what are the ways through your organization people can help? >> the charity we put on that are vetted, and things like that, don't go down with a chainsaw yet, send money to the appropriate charities that are vetted. the money is the biggest thing right now because it is used by supplies closer to the thing, too hard to ship supplies this way. >> and to make sure they are vetted through that organization, thanks for joining us. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and the outpouring of support for the victims of hurricane harvey continues, how the nfl is doing it. >> some may blame god, some may blame the hurricane but the only
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thing standing our holy things. >> an electrical fire ripping through a texas home following the catastrophic flooding. coming up is the unexpected survivor. ♪ your big idea... will people know it means they'll get the lowest price guaranteed on our rooms by booking direct on hey! badda book. badda boom! mr. badda book. badda boom! book now at iugh... nothing fits.. you're just bloated from gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. take gas-x®, the #1 gas relief brand. it relieves pressure and bloating fast! so you can wear whatever you want.
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 150 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> foxbusiness alert outpouring of support for the victims of hurricane harvey. >> how the nfl is chipping and. >> the nfl teams and players stepping up in a big way to help those affected by hurricane harvey, houston, texas and bob mcnair are donating $1 million to the united way of greater houston flood relief fund, the nfl foundation following
2:25 am
matching texans and mcnair's donation and new england patriots posting the team owner and the team matching donations to the red cross, the red cross has set up a special page on their website if you would like to donate money. talk about the importance of making sure they are vetted, that is one of them. >> getting a new iphone. >> apple rolling out its new iphone, with an expected price tag of $1000, apple the first trillion dollar company. analysts say apple could hit the landmark number by this time next year. apple stock closed near its all-time high giving it a market cap of $830 billion, analysts see apple start growing 20% over the next 12 to 18 months. supposedly going to have a larger screen and facial
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recognition technology. another reason to spend more money with apple. target releasing their own line of wine. fans of trader joe and costco's signature wine will have another low-cost option, target has unveiled its own line of $5 wine, the california line is made with california grown grapes including chardonnay, cabernet and a red blend and will be available starting september 3rd. i will give it a try. might have to try target out. >> coming up texas deserves a catastrophic natural disaster because they voted for donald trump to give that outrageous comment from a college professor and he is walking back his words. heather: nearly a year but
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start your used car search at the all-new heather: back with news alert harvey claiming more lives, officials urge holdouts to get out now. rob: several more inches expected to fall in a race against time to contain overflowing reservoirs. heather: rob schmidt and janice dean. rob: we begin in houston where officials are racing to see the floods. >> reporter: just moments ago we listened to the spokesman for the harris county flood control say on radio that there -- the top of the reservoir, attic's, half a foot away from spilling over, impacting subdivisions
2:31 am
around that area. we spoke with an individual who was measuring the levels of water, with the us geological survey which tells the army corps of engineers, here is what he had to say. >> gates being open and discharging water. what they believe they are discharging, and unprecedented area, going to buffalo by you which goes through the city. it is a large portion of the city. >> you saw the bubbling water on the reservoir, levels were already so high the water going back into the reservoir was competing with the water they were releasing. they couldn't compete with mother nature creating an uncontrolled amount and headlines we are just hearing, they are half a foot away from
2:32 am
neighborhood like this already underwater from absolutely facing a crisis situation. we will keep you posted. we just saw on the roads a convoy of national guard troops, large vehicles and boats going into this neighborhood and the surrounding area, attics, barker reservoir. rob: you said they are doing this controlled-release to avoid downtown houston from flooding so if water is going over the dam what does that mean for downtown houston. >> reporter: it is not the worst case scenario yet. to recap our viewers they have a system of levees and by yous to get the water away. they are half a foot from slowing down. what would be catastrophic and change this story would be if that levy gave or if the dam gave and you are talking about
2:33 am
millions of gallons of water flooding and at that point it would be a situation everyone in this area would have to seek refuge immediately. you are talking about neighborhoods that will face months and years of devastation. of those dams give we are in a real crisis was officials not saying that but monitoring local radio, the fact that the harris county flood control is on the radio saying they are half a foot away, people in the immediate area are going to face a significant impact because they don't know, they have an uncontrolled water situation and may have to stop the release because the water going back into the reservoir. >> we will go to janice.
2:34 am
how much more rain could they get today? >> they could get another 6 inches, another half a foot of rainfall. the last 48 hours heavy rain in the houston area, we have to get through the next 12 to 18 hours and then we should be in the clear but it is so precarious because they expect more rain and moving into louisiana and mississippi, flashlight morning still in place in the houston area towards galveston, trinity towards lake charles and all the way across the central gulf coast. one of our tropical models, we continue to watch the system meander over the next 24 to 48 hours and hopefully we are predicting the storm will lift northeastward by thursday friday but 6 more inches of rainfall potentially could cause more distraction, we could see that in and around the houston area and on the coast, the higher rainfall totals in louisiana. i wish i had better news, we could see six inches, ten inches. they need no more water.
2:35 am
heather: two gourmet days they will get dry conditions, evacuations ordered overnight, texas braces for another round of that torrential rain. >> racing against time to rescue thousands stranded before harvey makes a dramatic record-breaking come back. heather: in richmond, texas families are leaving everything behind. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations, under a mandatory evacuation on the west side of houston, 20 minutes outside downtown, this neighborhood we are in, monitoring all of this and watching these rescues, incredible work being done, we can't even get back anymore. overnight they forced everybody out and it is a rescue effort here, incredible to see how this community has come together, how
2:36 am
many showed up to do these rescues and speaks to the spirit of the people around you, these are really good people, listen to one of them talk about that. >> here it is about saving lives. we are from ground 0 but we get these people out of houses for the next couple days anyway, we get home and rebuild. >> reporter: that guy we went out with from rockport where the storm's i his, they came back after having damage to their house to save lives. we have 3000 rescued in the houston area. 3000 lives and more, that is the number of rescues and 1000 of them in a eight our span yesterday, ramping up, the governor talking about how this started. >> just beginning the process of responding to the storm. we are still involved in the search and rescue process.
2:37 am
>> one of the largest disasters america has ever faced and to see the swift response from the federal government is pretty much unparalleled. >> reporter: everyone hoping janice's forecast is dead on, this will end in the next 12 to 18 hours, when will this stop? the river is crested as high as it has ever been, people wondering what happens when it comes up higher. it will be more devastation a mile to myself. heather: the size of the human heart, that individual coming up to rockport after his house was damaged, thank you so much. helping trapped residents in houston get to higher ground, volunteers using their own boats to help those most vulnerable. looters taking advantage of their kindness. >> you had a guy being shot at? >> folks being shot at because -- dropping an airboat to rescue
2:38 am
some boats that broke and under attack. rob: looters pose as trapped residents and tried stealing those boats. nobody was hurt. as if flooding wasn't enough one family had the next or worry, a texas woman spotting two alligators steps from her home. >> not too far from the backyard and getting right there on the patio. >> a lot more of the stories coming up soon, 350 alligators facing their enclosures that an animal facility is those floodwaters rise. heather: some other headlines, donald trump defending his decision to pardon share of joe arpaio by taking a shot at past
2:39 am
administrations, calling joe arpaio a patriot and president obama and clinton pardoned people for much worse. >> president clinton pardoned marc rich who was charged with crimes going back decades. president obama commuted the sentence of chelsea manning who leaked, sensitive and classified documents. i stand by my pardon of sheriff joe. >> reporter: the president said the obama administration treated joe arpaio unfairly and cost him an election. accused of creating a sanctuary state, republican bruce runner signed a new law that bars police from arresting searching or detaining anyone solely based on their immigration status but local authorities can communicate with ice and hold someone if there is a valid criminal warrant. rob: funny stories are series today, not a bright idea, nurse
2:40 am
practitioner in california says two of her patients are coming to urgent care after putting sunscreen in their eyes to watch the eclipse. heather: this is not fake news, people say they made a last-ditch effort after locking out on getting special eclipse classes. that urgent care, referring those folks to an eye specialist, i think they didn't get the glasses so they decided to put sunscreen in their eyes. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump headed to texas to assess the damage from hurricane harvey. we are live on the ground ahead of his arrival. rob: the texas officer who worked beyond the deck of exhaustion to help those in need. the internet's heartfelt reaction when we come back. ♪ ♪ we could be here ♪ ♪
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rob: heather: texas deserves a catastrophic national disaster because they voted for donald trump, come on. heather heyer that from a florida college professor. carly shimkus here with the outrage understandably boiling over. >> reporter: many of us have seen the horrible images of destruction caused by hurricane harvey, homes went, families displaced but one professor, one college professor says those victims deserved all of it because they voted for donald trump. university of tampa professor can story took to twitter with this post saying i don't believe in instant karma but this feels like it for texas. hopefully this will help them realize gop doesn't care about those who voted for him, meaning trump, here they deserve it as well. he did delete those posts and
2:45 am
posted an apology saying i deeply regret what i posted yesterday, i never meant to wish ill will upon any group, i hope all affected by harvey recover quickly. some people are saying too little too lake, the statement outraging a lot of people in social media, no matter the political background of texans we are texans, this is karma, it is tragedy. rebecca posted this on twitter, a whiny liberal they didn't get his way and another tweet from gracie who says anyone who makes natural disasters political are sick, disgusting people. the farthest thing from political, the university of tampa released a statement on facebook condemning this professor. heather: this isn't the only statement like that. if you look on twitter, it breaks your heart that people would do that under these
2:46 am
circumstances. rob: a famous houston pastor opened the door that his mega church after the storm. the 20 houston-based celebrity pastor many of us know became a top trending topic across twitter nationwide last night. he is taking heat because he hasn't opened his mega church door to shelter victims from the storm. here is why. he posted to facebook saying his church is inaccessible due to severe flooding. interesting, strange thing is some people on social media are essentially calling him a liar. look at this picture from allie, she says in a tweet worth noting some of their parking is underground, note the floodgates but they could drop people off at the door easily. a lot of other reaction on this as well, this person says hope the reports on joel osteen are
2:47 am
true, people have lost everything, open your church up to people, show god's love. what would jesus do? another tweet, nice of him to open his 60,000 foot mega church in houston to flood victims, a few hours ago, lakewood church posted an update saying a collection site for distributing supply to victims, and the controversy. >> this is truly unbelievable. usually calling 911 is the first thing people do when they are in need, a lot of victims, family members turning to twitter instead, twitter has become a lifeline in the situation. look at these tweets. i have two children with me and the water is swallowing us up, then tweets out her address, 911
2:48 am
is not responding. she posted an update saying firefighters weren't able to successfully rescue her. another tweet said rising waters, this family was saved as well and another tweet of a similar nature, this daughter says police help 83-year-old karen with alzheimer's, water choir than waste. her address, she later tweeted a neighbor rescued them. so many stories, social media saved lives. the nursing home went viral. >> one of those individuals is this picture going viral, unreal. >> absolutely, this picture we talk about those victims, look at the face of a rescuer. got to give this guy's name, he robert gold rich from harris county sheriff's department sleeping on the floor because he
2:49 am
spent so many hours on his feet saving people's life, the first chance he got to take some much needed rest, probably saved a lot of lives. let's check in with pete who is standing by, what is coming up. >> hurricane harvey, as you wake up, the water still rising. we will have texas governor greg abbott, the largest disaster america has ever faced as the city and country watches heroism but also continued moments with you cannot imagine before your eyes. we are going to cover every single act. can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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rob: donald trump will arrive in texas at pledges federal support to victims of tropical storm harvey. >> of houston convention center, more in today's visit. >> reporter: the convention center, this place was initially set up with capacity to the red cross, to beyond 9000. they are not going to turn anyone away. part of a multifaceted response, and the federal government, fema saying they will be here for years. donald trump will be seeing firsthand some of the response to the storm, in corpus christi first and moves on to austin.
2:54 am
yesterday the president said the response of the storm really shows the middle of the nation. >> we pledged our full support as texas and louisiana, to recover from this devastating and historic storm, probably never been anything like this. >> reporter: that may be an understatement. at the convention center, the wind and rain, worse than it was this time, in keeping with the forecast, the next couple days the end is going to be in sight, a better idea of the extent of the damage. >> people still piling into the convention center. rob: no joke, kathy griffin says she is no longer sorry for that controversial photo of her with the severed head of donald trump. >> the outrage got so out of
2:55 am
proportion, chelsea clinton tweeting against me. >> he doesn't think it was over the line, apology a few months ago. >> crocodile tears. hillary clinton taking the story for 2016 presidential campaign on the road, the failed candidate going on a 15 city tour called what happened. she visited a number of states, lost to donald trump including wisconsin when she skipped during this campaign. tickets for this are selling $1200. >> an electrical fire ripping through texas home following catastrophic flooding. unexpected survivor among the rubble.
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12.ra .
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todd: one of the images that has become burned into our memory with hurricane harvey. heather: nursing home residents in waist high water. cbs caught up with them all nice and dry in texas. todd: original forget tweeted out on sunday quickly going viral. heather: statue of the virgin mary surviving fire among fire of three homes.
3:00 am
todd: the fire destroyed three homes near crirps. >> some may blame god. some may blame the hurricane. the only thing stand were holy things. todd: the statue's survival is a sign they can make it through. heather: yes, they can. "fox & friends" starts now. >> my thoughts and prayers for those affect by hurricane harvey. nothing can defeat the unbreakable spirit of texas and louisiana. >> harrowing and heart wrenching situation unfolding in houston. todd: shutting down highways and byways and turning them into waterways. >> i have been in law enforcement for 28 years and this is the worst i have ever seen. >> i'm still breathing. >> i love this town. i love these people. excuse me. >> people stuck in their homes. got to look out for everybody. >> you see people pulling together and hpi


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